We went to Japanese Costco.

I just had my first-ever Costco experience in Kitakyushu, Japan of all places. It’s pretty much how I imagine American Costco to be, but with cleaner bathrooms. We’ll be using our new membership to stock up periodically on precious resources like shredded taco cheese, salsa, taco seasoning, tortilla chips, and black olives. Have I mentioned we miss Tex-Mex? A coworker … More We went to Japanese Costco.

Christmas in Seoul

Day 1: We arrived in Icheon, the sleekest airport I’ve ever seen, with the prettiest travelers. Black was in, with glossy pale skin, lip tint, and heeled ankle boots. I was dressed all wrong. We headed to stay with our friends Amy and Jouni in Itaewon, the posher of Seoul’s two main foreigner neighborhoods. It’s a … More Christmas in Seoul

It’s Pocky Day!

The kids at school informed me that today is Pocky Day, because 11/11 mimics the shape of the classic cylindrical snack. Apparently this is a real thing—in 1999 Ezaki Clico Co Ltd. created “Pocky & Pretz* Day” as a form of customer appreciation/marketing. What can I say? It worked, because a whole class of my 7th-graders coordinated … More It’s Pocky Day!

Ajimu Fair Wine Festival 2015

I recently went with some friends to the Ajimu Fair Wine Festival. Ajimu is one of the scenic country towns within Usa city (Usa plays on its name with a mountainside sign that reads “USA” and a mini Statue of Liberty). The festival was around the grounds of Ajimu vineyard. Our ¥3,000 tickets included two glasses from a main wine station with rather … More Ajimu Fair Wine Festival 2015