Rainy day Japanese house tour

I had a three-day weekend, so I finally made a video tour of our house in Nakatsu! Hope you enjoy listening to me ramble about tatami mats. (^_-)-☆ I had some technical difficulties, so it got dark while I was filming. I’ll do a daylight tour next time! Advertisements

On Culture Shock

Imagine you are eight years old, and you’re sleeping over at a friend’s house for the first time. You’re soon dismayed to realize that her parents are those particular kind, the kind that are too tidy, with an array of unfamiliar rules. “We take our shoes off in the foyer. Don’t play in the living room. Please take your feet off … More On Culture Shock

We went to Japanese Costco.

I just had my first-ever Costco experience in Kitakyushu, Japan of all places. It’s pretty much how I imagine American Costco to be, but with cleaner bathrooms. We’ll be using our new membership to stock up periodically on precious resources like shredded taco cheese, salsa, taco seasoning, tortilla chips, and black olives. Have I mentioned we miss Tex-Mex? A coworker … More We went to Japanese Costco.