Baby’s first love hotel: Hotel Enzo, Buzen

For those not familiar with Japanese love hotels, they are exactly what they sound like. They are hotels for bonin.’ You may be thinking, “Pshh, whatever, I can bone in a regular hotel,” and you would be right, but there is something novel about a space specifically designed for it. What’s more, love hotels offer a … More Baby’s first love hotel: Hotel Enzo, Buzen

Around Nakatsu: city streets

It’s amazing how quickly scenery becomes commonplace, and how refreshing it is to see your town through the eyes of a visitor. Our friend Bubs took these beautiful pictures of city streets when he visited us in Nakatsu last month. [Photos by Bruno Filip Lumetta. You can see more of his work here:]

Connecting with students as a non-native speaker

I have an article on page 53 of this month’s Connect magazine! It’s about steps that have helped me connect with my students despite the language barrier. It’s a constant learning process, so if you have your own tips and experiences, I hope you’ll share them with me in the comments! View the issue here: