A hole new world

Every weekend when I go shopping, a fascinating cultural phenomenon hovers in my peripheral vision: Japan’s adoration for buttholes. I don’t mean in a sexual way per se, just a deliberate inclusion of a lovingly-rendered anus on all things cute. Fluffy plush puppies, huggable cartoon kitties—even the most minimal of character designs feature a puckered posterior starfish. Sanrio’s adorable Pompompurin … More A hole new world

Some sad and beautiful things about temporarily teaching in Japan

At school, you’re a novelty until you’re not. Students swarm up to you giggling, in awe of your blonde hair and “small face,” attempting English questions about how old you are, whether you have a boyfriend, and some surprising ones like whether you’ve ever seen a ghost. But then you show up for weeks, months, … More Some sad and beautiful things about temporarily teaching in Japan

My surgery story

[Warning: graphic tumor image ahead] Before my open abdominal myomectomy, I went on a mad Googling spree. I wanted to know every little thing I would feel or think or need before and after my body was dissected for the very first time. And despite the bad rep of search engine k-holes, my frantic research … More My surgery story

Uterine fibroid myomectomy: commence freakout

It’s inching closer and closer to the date of my abdominal fibroid myomectomy, and the panic is real. I’ll be admitted to the hospital tomorrow afternoon, and the surgery is scheduled two days later. I’ve spent so much time looking forward to getting it over with, that I skipped over all the bad stuff. “Recovery will be nice,” … More Uterine fibroid myomectomy: commence freakout