Connecting with students as a non-native speaker

I have an article on page 53 of this month’s Connect magazine! It’s about steps that have helped me connect with my students despite the language barrier. It’s a constant learning process, so if you have your own tips and experiences, I hope you’ll share them with me in the comments! View the issue here:

Origami city

A few days ago one of my students made this awesome origami city! She spent most of English class stealth-folding little houses under her desk. She is my new hero.    

Graduation murals

Since the Japanese school year recently ended, I wanted to share this sweet graduation tradition that I saw at both of my junior high schools. The third-year students band together and make a mystery mural to hang in the gym for their ceremony. The students are given stacks of 8.5 x 11 papers covered with … More Graduation murals