A hole new world

Every weekend when I go shopping, a fascinating cultural phenomenon hovers in my peripheral vision: Japan’s adoration for buttholes. I don’t mean in a sexual way per se, just a deliberate inclusion of a lovingly-rendered anus on all things cute. Fluffy plush puppies, huggable cartoon kitties—even the most minimal of character designs feature a puckered posterior starfish. Sanrio’s adorable Pompompurin … More A hole new world

On Culture Shock

Imagine you are eight years old, and you’re sleeping over at a friend’s house for the first time. You’re soon dismayed to realize that her parents are those particular kind, the kind that are too tidy, with an array of unfamiliar rules. “We take our shoes off in the foyer. Don’t play in the living room. Please take your feet off … More On Culture Shock