#TBT That time I played taiko at Gion

I was just cleaning up my desktop and stumbled upon this video! A couple years ago, our friend Koji invited me, my husband John, and our buddy Casey to participate in his local Gion in the nearby town of Buzen. At Gion, teams from different neighborhoods walk around the city, play music, pull floats, and hassle local businesses for money. It’s a fun way to bond with your neighbors and raise funds for your community. We walked all around town for pretty much a full weekend. Businesses and households who paid got a special song—that’s what I’m playing in this video. I was the only taiko player on our team who wasn’t a teenage boy. Feminism! (At the rehearsal, Koji tried to put the three of us on flute, but even after hours of practice, we were useless. I got changed to taiko, and John and Casey got some kind of metal finger cymbal thingies.)


2 thoughts on “#TBT That time I played taiko at Gion

  1. Hello! I recently got the news that I’ll be coming to Nakatsu-shi this August as a new JET ALT. I was doing some research on the area and came across your blog. I’ve really enjoyed looking through your posts and it’s made me excited to come to the area. I wanted to know if I could ask you some more question about the area. Maybe through FB or email? My name should come right up if you put in Savanna Portenier. Thank you! And I hope this hasn’t come across as too weird or forward of me.

    1. Hi Savanna! Apologies for my delayed response. That’s so exciting that you’re coming to Nakatsu! It’s a great area. I saw you on the big Incoming JETs Facebook welcome thread. I’m going to send you a friend request now!

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