Halloween English board

Wow it’s been a while! I’ve busy with ballet and social obligations (and, who I am I kidding, Netflix). Over summer vacation I started a monthly English board, so I want to share it here.

I’d been hoping to make an English board for a while, but I wasn’t sure where to put it or who to ask. I noticed that our school librarian pins a lot of newspaper clippings in the hallway in the front of the library, so I asked her if I could do something there. She said she has trouble filling all that space anyway and was excited to let me help!

Behold, my English Wall, Halloween edition!DSC_0477.jpg

For the News section, I thought it’d be fun to do interviews with 2 new ALTs who recently moved to Nakatsu. I included a some vocab words to the side of each interview to help students out with words and phrases they might not know.

I also included a few spooky YouTube music recommendations!


I love Halloween, so I wanted this month’s board to be interactive. I made a word-matching game; I got the idea from another English board post. I laminated and cut the images and vocab words, then hot-glued velcro to the parts so that students can attach them. I’ve had to do some touch-ups in the last couple weeks because it started falling apart. Next time I do this, I’ll use smaller pieces of velcro so the words are easier to pull on and off.

Halloween Word Match English Wall Japan


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