Tokyo Trip: Shopping in Harajuku

milk purse harajuku tokyo japan
Got milk?

Shopping in Harajuku is really, really tiring but really, really fun. I don’t know what else to say about it. The current fashions are spring-in-the-mid-90s: bubblegum pastels, light denim and floral sundresses. Chunky shoes and black chokers are back in a big way. My friend Krissy and I wandered around the shops and reminisced about junior high clothes that we should have kept.

We found a store called Monki that was a little more sophisticated and had great deals. Everything was ½ off! We bought friendship tanks and friendship chokers. We’re all set for our 90s alt-rock album cover. Plus I found overalls! I am now a girl who wears overalls.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Trip: Shopping in Harajuku

    1. I recently re-discovered my friendship choker because it goes great with my new light-washed denim shirt. XD 90s are still back, baby! I think of you every time I wear it. Miss you too!

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