On Japanese Laundry | 洗濯

Bahahaha! Poetic.
We’ve had it a BIT easier than this guy; our clothes have only become extremely linty, not destroyed (yet). We don’t have any outdoor hanging space, so rather than risking a cicada in our shorts, we duck and maneuver daily around a labyrinth of wet clothes inside the house. In the winter they take around 3+ days to dry. One of the first things I noticed when I arrived in Japan was the smell of mildewed laundry.

This Japanese Life.

Forgotten spirits get their revenge in Japan by destroying your laundry.Appeasing them requiresvigilance, patience and a calm disposition.

Pro Tip:
To calculate the percentage of clothing your washing machine will destroy, you can use this metaphysical equation:

X = S + B / O

Here, X = items of clothing lost, S = number of times you’ve accidentally worn shoes in your own hallway, B = the number of times you stood in your bathtub to shower and O is the amount of money you’ve spent on omiyage.

The Japanese Laundry Machine As A Failure of Coordination
First, clothes go into a mesh laundry bag, then into the machine. Japanese washing machines use a grinding motion guaranteed to damage an item of clothing every time it’s used. Instead of having the machine destroy your clothing, you use a bag which destroys your clothing while trapping it in lint and…

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