We went to Japanese Costco.

I just had my first-ever Costco experience in Kitakyushu, Japan of all places. It’s pretty much how I imagine American Costco to be, but with cleaner bathrooms. We’ll be using our new membership to stock up periodically on precious resources like shredded taco cheese, salsa, taco seasoning, tortilla chips, and black olives. Have I mentioned we miss Tex-Mex?

A coworker gave me some pro tips on membership and registration—up to 3 people can enter with one card, and couples can add an additional “family card” for free if they share the same address.

She also drew me a diagram of how to disassemble a Costco pizza so that it can fit in a Japanese freezer. The trick is to eat the triangular corner pieces the night of purchase, and then Saran wrap and stack the remaining squares.

costco kitakyushu japan 7

Here’s a list of Costco locations in Japan, in case any other 外国人 are hankering for some nachos.



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