I tried the Sakura Cherry McFizz!

John and I went outlet mall shopping to see if we could find any sneakers for his size 13.5 feet. We couldn’t. 😦 But we enjoyed driving through some areas of Fukuoka we’d never seen before, including a charmingly un-charming area that we deemed “Space Florida.”

At the mall, we ate at McDonald’s. I was excited to see that they were still offering the seasonal Sakura Cherry McFizz, a soda sweetened with cherry blossom syrup. Since sakura season is over here, I thought I’d missed my chance! It’s such an attractive drink—fizzy clear that fades into pink. What does this beauty taste like, you ask? Fruit? Flowers?

McDonald's  Japan Sakura Cherry McFizz


It tastes a little like cherries. But I think it tastes more like peach. Slightly tropical. A little on the sweet side for me, but still very refreshing. Would order again.

Deliciousness rating (out of 5): Screenshot (4)Screenshot (4)Screenshot (4)Screenshot (4)


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