We went to Japanese Costco.

I just had my first-ever Costco experience in Kitakyushu, Japan of all places. It’s pretty much how I imagine American Costco to be, but with cleaner bathrooms. We’ll be using our new membership to stock up periodically on precious resources like shredded taco cheese, salsa, taco seasoning, tortilla chips, and black olives. Have I mentioned we miss Tex-Mex? A coworker … More We went to Japanese Costco.

Origami city

A few days ago one of my students made this awesome origami city! She spent most of English class stealth-folding little houses under her desk. She is my new hero.    

Kansai trip: Osaka

John and I spent the final day of our Kansai trip in Osaka. We kept trying to pinpoint why Osaka is so intriguing, why it has so much more soul than Seoul despite being similarly commercial. For one thing, new businesses collage around the old rather than knocking them down and covering them up. But best of all, Osaka’s aesthetic feels 80s … More Kansai trip: Osaka