Sakura in Nakatsu

Sakura (cherry blossom) season is a huge deal in Japan. Everything from candy to beer gets special sakura-themed packaging. Restaurants like McDonald’s and Starbucks come out with sakura-flavored drinks. There are constantly-updated sakura forecasts.* When I learned the cherry blossoms in each region only last around a week, I didn’t get why they deserved such a fuss.

But then the sakura bloomed. And they were fuss-worthy. They were cotton candy perfection.


The way the blossoms died was just as beautiful, sprinkling down in a pastel petal rain.

We were extremely lucky to catch the sakura both at home in Nakatsu and in the Kansai region during our spring break travels. Stay tuned for posts about that trip—I’ll share even more cherry blossom pics, including, in true Japanese form, a cherry blossom-framed selfie!


*This year, cherry blossoms peaked where I live in Oita prefecture from about March 30-April 6.



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