Snow day!

Nakatsu got a rare snowfall last weekend. It was especially beautiful out in Imazu around my countryside school.

snow imazu nakatsu oita japan2snow imazu nakatsu oita japan

It fell at its heaviest on Sunday. John and I stayed shut in our house, catching up on work, Skype dates, and Supernatural. That night, I got an email from my supervisor that school was cancelled and I could stay home Monday! There’s nothing better than a surprise three-day weekend.

By Monday morning I was pretty stir-crazy and our hot water wasn’t working, so we joined our friends Alex and Holly (the owners of Chiki Tea, our second home in Nakatsu) for morning onsen near the castle. It was a really bare bones place—no heat in the dressing rooms, no hot showers—but it was worth it for the old-school ambiance. I felt like I was in a 1930s boarding school!

On the walk back to the cafe, I made a few new friends. Life is hard and brief for a snowman in Nakatsu, and these two were on a bender.

At Chiki Tea, Holly whipped up a true American breakfast (the first I’ve had since we moved here: oatmeal, bacon, eggs and toast!) We transformed into cozy zombies once again and lounged around the cafe until almost close.

Truth be told, I hate being cold, and I’ve gotten my fair fill of snow living in Chicago. But it was great to see Nakatsu in this new, unexpected light. My students were so excited, they smuggled snow into class in their pockets. Tuesday afternoon, we bid farewell to the winter wonderland with a snowball fight, desperately clinging to the last melting bits.



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