A Very Inaka Weekend

Our friend Amy visited from Seoul a few weeks ago. Since she lives in the big city, we though we’d partake in some real bumpkiny Nakatsu activities!

kagura festival nakatsu japan

First we popped by the local kagura (Japanese ritual dance) festival. This kagura featured a priest taming an oni, or demon, well-played by a rambunctious kid.

kagura dance nakatsu japankagura dance nakatsu japan


making mochi nakatsu japan
pounding rice into mochi
making mochi nakatsu japan
surf rock!

Then we went to the cosmos festival, where huge chunks of the valley were covered in cosmos flowers! There was much frolicking.

cosmos festival sanko nakatsu japan mt hachimencosmos festival sanko nakatsu japan froliccosmos festival sanko nakatsu japan

We went to Kanairo Onsen afterwards, and it was magical. The dark, mountainous trek to and from there…well, we won’t talk about that. Sometimes I think we should get a car after all.

The following Tuesday, when I returned to work, John and Amy went to Harmonyland! Not taking that day off will forever remain one of my major life regrets. 😦


One thought on “A Very Inaka Weekend

  1. I love that all over Japan there are little gems and special, nature things to do. (And a crazy character theme park).

    You really can’t go wrong no matter where you live. 🙂

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