It’s Pocky Day!

The kids at school informed me that today is Pocky Day, because 11/11 mimics the shape of the classic cylindrical snack.

Apparently this is a real thing—in 1999 Ezaki Clico Co Ltd. created “Pocky & Pretz* Day” as a form of customer appreciation/marketing.

What can I say? It worked, because a whole class of my 7th-graders coordinated themselves to scream “POCKY!!!!” in unison during English (I was startled; the other teachers were less impressed). And of course, all this Pocky talk made me want some Pocky, so I went straight to the store after work to buy some. (The strawberry are best. It’s a fact.)

Happy Pocky Day, everyone!

pocky + pretz

*I’ll probably do a post about Pretz soon, because they are amazing.


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