Art Exhibit at Nakatsu Library

I miss my figure drawing group back in Chicago, so I was grateful when the art teacher at my countryside school invited me to join his. I’ve only been to two sessions so far, but they’ve been really satisfying. Group members take turns posing for ten minutes each, and then we lay out all our drawings on the floor for a short critique afterwards.

The group had a great exhibition at the Nakatsu library this weekend, and my teacher decided to include four of my drawings!

figure drawing exhibit nakatsu libraryfigure drawing group exhibition nakatsu library

my figure drawings, nakatsu library
My drawings!
watercolors at art exhibit, nakatsu library
Gorgeous watercolor postcards

watercolors at nakatsu library figure drawing group exhibition nakatsu library    figure drawing exhibit nakatsu library

Pics of figure drawing sessions
The group trying to understand my broken Japanese during a critique 🙂



2 thoughts on “Art Exhibit at Nakatsu Library

    1. It’s been really comforting! I wish I could communicate with the members better, but (this will sound cliché) it’s nice that our artwork is a common language that we can fall back on.

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