Ajimu Fair Wine Festival 2015

I recently went with some friends to the Ajimu Fair Wine Festival. Ajimu is one of the scenic country towns within Usa city (Usa plays on its name with a mountainside sign that reads “USA” and a mini Statue of Liberty). The festival was around the grounds of Ajimu vineyard. Our ¥3,000 tickets included two glasses from a main wine station with rather … More Ajimu Fair Wine Festival 2015

Learning to Cook in Japan: A Tragicomedy

Before moving from Chicago to Japan, my husband and I prided ourselves on being competent cooks and hosts—nothing fancy, mostly inspired by the pages of Real Simple Magazine—but nonetheless, we were people who effectively fed ourselves and others, whose parties were exited with stuffed satisfaction. In celebration of my love of all things tasty, I’d like … More Learning to Cook in Japan: A Tragicomedy